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What is iam.photo?

iam.photo is a meeting place for photographers, models, makeup artists, stylists, art directors, photo studios, and everybody who are interested in the world of photography.

It is a vibrant community and also it is platform to showcase, share and discover creative work.

Here you have the opportunity:

  • To upload, sort, search your photos online. Iam.photo helps you organize photos and offers a way to tell stories about them.
  • To discuss photography with members from different countries, make new friends and inspirational photographers from all over the world.
  • To use search to find photographers, models, makeup artists, stylists, art directors, photo studios for cooperation and improvement your art skill. Add them to favorites to track their activities within the site.
  • To get your inspiration with our Blog posts, added your interesting blog posts and create meetings with your friends right within add your Blog entry.

The best way to learn about iam.photo is to upload 20 photos, explore the site, leave comments, vote other photos, add blog posts, use search to find new friends and inspirational photographers around, chat with any iam.photo member.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

How to become an iam.photo member?

To become iam.photo member and be able to upload photos, leave comments, vote other photos, follow other members, add your blog posts, use the search to find new friends and inspiring photographers around and much more, - you need to register.

Become a member of iam.photo using your Facebook/Google+ account or with email.

After registration you will get activation link to your email. Click on it and you are done.

What are the rules for using iam.photo?

Please read our rules for using iam.photo (User Agreement) to find out everything you need to know about.

Will iam.photo always be free?

Yes, there will always be a free version of iam.photo, and its only limitation is a number of photos you can upload per day.

How do I edit my Profile?

Your Profile is your personal community page. You can edit biography, contacts, avatar, or other data.

1. Log in to iam.photo

2. Click on your profile icon. Select Settings.

3. You will be redirected to your account settings page Edit profile.

4. Once you are done making changes, click on “Save” button.

Warning! When you add information to your profile, please indicate your specialty (photographer, model, makeup artist, stylist), and location (country and city) to be in the search results by these criteria.

Warning! Changed data is displayed in the search results after indexing procedure, which takes place twice a day.

How do I change my email address?

Enter a new address:

1. Log in to iam.photo

2. Click on your profile icon. Select Settings.

3. You will be redirected to your account settings page Edit profile.

4. Once you have changed your email address, click on “Save” button.

5. Go to your current mailbox and click on the activation link.

How do I change my Cover photo?

Your cover photo is the large beautiful image at the top of your public profile page.

You can upload your cover by clicking the "Upload cover" button in the middle of a user name.

You can delete your cover by clicking the "Delete Cover"

How can I register a photo studio?

Registration of your photo studio is a great opportunity to be in the photo studios catalog on iam.photo.

Photo studio is a showcase profile. That’s why it’s not possible to vote, comment, and upload photos with rating, once you registered as photo studio.

If the photographer is the photo studio owner - he is allowed to create two accounts. First - for the presentation of photo studio, second - for a photographer.

Type "Photo studio" cannot be changed after registration.

How do I delete my account on the iam.photo?

If you want to delete your account from the iam.photo, go to Profile - Edit Profile - Settings.

Confirmation step required email notification.

Warning! Account deletion can’t be undone. All your information including photos, blog posts, ratings, messages will be deleted.

How do I upload photos?

Go to your User Menu (menu in the upper right corner with your avatar) and select “Upload photos”. You can drag and drop photos or click the “Upload” button to select files.

Once registered, users can upload up to 20 photos. After uploading 20 photos limit of photos to upload is setup due to status based on other community members votes.

Make sure to convert your photos to standard sRGB. Save them in JPG format using “Save for web”.

In order to upload you need to:

- Create an album (or select from the list of already existing).

- Select a category to upload photos.

Warning, if you are uploading adult content category "nude" is obligatory!

- Enter the photo title and description, if necessary.

You can select participants who have taken part in shooting if they are registered on the iam.photo.

Select the role of the participant (photographer, model, makeup artist, stylist, art director) and specify the username.

If you want to mark up non iam.photo member you can do so by entering person name and the role.

How to change the preview photo?

Go to your User Menu (menu in the upper right corner with your avatar) and select Manage photos, than click Edit photo (pencil icon) under the photo. Right under the photo preview click on Square icon. Select desired area for you preview.

Warning! The browser caches the previous preview picture. After a while preview photo will be updated.

What are tags for?

Tags are like keywords or labels that you add to photo to make it easier to find it later.

For example: nude, portrait, still life, panorama, or glamor.

Tags must be entered separated by commas. Use predefined list of recently used tags.

What are your size recommendations for uploading photos?

The size of uploaded photos must not be more than 10Mb and the copyright must belong to you.

What is the status “Author hidden”?

When you upload photos, you can turn on the status “Author hidden”. Photo participates in the ratings. Votes, rating and authorship will be hidden until users vote. This function works for the first 24 hours from the publication.

What is the status “Status invisible”?

When you upload photos, you can turn on the status “Status invisible”.

Photo is not involved in the ratings; it is only visible to registered users.

Why doesn’t the colors on iam.photo match the colors in the photo I uploaded?

Make sure to always convert photos to standard sRGB using “Convert to profile” in Photoshop and then save them in JPG format using “Save for web” to ensure that colors are not altered when you upload photos to iam.photo.

How do I edit information about photos?

Go to your User Menu (menu in the upper right corner with your avatar) and select Manage photos to change the name, description, tags, category, album, background, and participants.

Clicking on the pencil below each photo allow you to edit the information about your photos. This icon is also available in the left corner of full size photo.

How do I delete photo?

You can delete photos in Manage photos on your User Menu (menu in the upper right corner with your avatar).

Can moderator delete a photo?

If you violate the User Agreement, moderator may remove photo. Also, the moderator can set restrictions for the user to upload photos for a certain period.

What is the Status of the Photo and User Level?

Photo with the status "Normal" takes part in the ranking of the photos on the iam.photo.

The iam.photo has a User Level (icon published right after Username):

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

All registered users have Level 1 by default. With the growth of your User Level increases your score and the number of photos you can upload per day.

Thus you can upload 1 photo per day at Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. While on Level 4 you can upload 2 photos per day and 3 photos per day on Level 5.

The weights of your votes will also growth with User Level.

Why you limit the number of photos to upload?

We are expecting iam.photo to be inspiring photography website and not photo hosting. This means we are pushing you to upload only best of your portfolio photography.

Does User Level define my professional level?

Off course no. User Level define your iam.photo activity and your engagement in the website life.

What is the formula for User Level definition?

We won’t make formula public. This means we don’t hide anything from you but rather would like to take away any manipulations with User Level.

What is the photo of the day, week, and month?

Best photos on the iam.photo are marked with cups.

Bronze Cup - a picture of the day (photo received the highest rank by iam.photo members for 24 hours after upload).

Silver Cup - a picture of the week (photo received the highest rank iam.photo members for one week after upload).

Gold Cup - a picture of the month (photo received the highest rank iam.photo members for one month after upload).

How do I add photos to favorites?

Use the yellow star in the toolbar below each photo. You can access your favorites in Manage Photos section. Make sure you are logged in to add to favorites.

How do I follow favorite photographers?

Make sure you are logged in, go to someone’s profile and click “Subscribe”.

What is Blogs?

Blogs - this is the information flow of photographic topics. Members or moderators are able to add topics.

Warning, if you put adult content you tag "nude" must be used!

What is Meetings?

While adding topic in the category "Meetings" you have an opportunity to select the start and the end date of the event.

This special category allows other community members mark themselves as a participant for this event.

What is Comments?

Registered users can add comments for your photos or blog posts. To view these please click on Inbox section.

You can also add your comments to other blog posts or photos. To view these please click Outbox section.

If you want to unsubscribe from receiving comments to your email go to: Edit Profile -> Settings -> Receive messages to email.

What are the rules for writing comments on the iam.photo?

Remember to always use a friendly polite language when communicating on the iam.photo. Offensive comments or personal attacks might lead to a ban or deletion of your account. Never write in anger. If you are angry with another member or feel mistreated, don’t contact them directly, contact and we will help to resolve the situation and sort out any problems.

The minimum length is 5 characters comment. You cannot add comments like "1," ")))", "!!!".

For 1 hour you cannot add the same comment. All recurring characters in a comment will be reduced to 1 automatically.

Write a message to other members

You are allowed to write a message to any user on the site. To do so you need to click on “Mail” icon on user profile.

You can communicate with more members simultaneously. You need to add user to favorites in order to be able to.

Note! Do not forget to login before you use the “Mail”.

How do I show or hide nude content?

Enable or disable the nude filter in your profile, go to Edit User Profile - Settings.

How do I report a photo?

If you see photographs on the iam.photo which should be marked as nude or contain unsuitable or offensive material, ads, plagiarism, self-promotion flyers, illustrations, screen shots you can report them to

What is Ctrl + Arrow?

You can move between pages by pressing Ctrl + arrow (right or left).

This feature is available on all pages with the search results or on view photo page.

Please use Ctrl + up/down to scroll on top/bottom of the page.

How do I contact support?

Before contacting support, please read this FAQ carefully to make sure that your question has not already been answered. You are welcome to contact us with any questions or suggestions. Email to the support is:


The iam.photo team is not going to stop there, and plans to continuously expand the capabilities of iam.photo and it’s content. Increase the popularity of the site and attract more users all around the world.

We are constantly investing forces, ideas and soul into the project.

We wish you find interesting moments that are worth capturing, flat horizons, photogenic models, accurate focus, good light, and most importantly - a cheerful mood and inspiration for the implementation of all ideas.

Your suggestions and comments send to email:

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